Managing a server

Getting Started

Our Team Fortress 2 bookable servers are primarily pre-configured for competitive play; this allows us to deliver a quick on-demand system for players.

Enabling Console

Team Fortress 2 has a console that allows you to enter commands that the game interprets; this is important when controlling and setting up your bookable server. The console by default is disabled and can be enabled by going to Options > Advanced > Enable developer console.


The default console key is the tilde key - ~


rcon_password (password)

To be able to utilise rcon, you first must have the server's rcon_password; this is usually sent along with the other server details at the time of booking. Once you have the password, you can enter the command in your console.

rcon (command)

After entering the rcon_password, you should be able to execute server commands by preceding servers commands with rcon.

exec (config file)

Manually executing config files can be done by using the following command exec.

changelevel (map)

Switching maps can be done manually using the changelevel command.

kick (user/id)

If you need to remove a player from the server, you can use the kick command.

mp_winlimit (amount)

Adjusting the win limit for the map can be done by using the mp_winlimit command; this shouldn't be used for payload or attack/defend type maps.

mp_windifference (amount)

Adjusting the win difference for the map can be done by using the mp_windifference command; this shouldn't be used for payload or attack/defend type maps.

mp_timelimit (amount)

Adjusting the time limit for the map can be done by using the mp_timelimit command; this shouldn't be used for payload, attack/defend and king of the hill type maps.

mp_switchteams (0/1)

Teams can switch starting sides during startup by using the mp_switchteams command; this is generally used for payload or attack/defend type maps.

sm_whitelist_id (whitelist id)

If you require a custom whitelist, you can use the sm_whitelist_id command to execute the weapon bans using the ID provided by


Make sure to execute sm_whitelist_id (whitelist id) after the primary config has loaded or when re-executing configs.


Recharge Gaming League (RGL)

Sixes (Manual)

  • rcon exec rgl_6s_5cp_match_half1
  • rcon exec rgl_6s_5cp_match_half2
  • rcon exec rgl_6s_koth
  • rcon exec rgl_6s_koth_bo5
  • rcon exec rgl_6s_koth_scrim
  • rcon exec rgl_6s_5cp_gc
  • rcon exec rgl_6s_5cp_scrim

No Restriction Sixes (Manual)

  • rcon exec rgl_n6s_5cp_match_half1
  • rcon exec rgl_n6s_5cp_match_half2
  • rcon exec rgl_n6s_koth
  • rcon exec rgl_n6s_koth_bo5
  • rcon exec rgl_n6s_koth_scrim
  • rcon exec rgl_n6s_5cp_gc
  • rcon exec rgl_n6s_5cp_scrim

Prolander (Manual)

  • rcon exec rgl_7s_koth
  • rcon exec rgl_7s_koth_bo5
  • rcon exec rgl_7s_5cp
  • rcon exec rgl_7s_stopwatch

Highlander (Manual)

  • rcon exec rgl_hl_koth
  • rcon exec rgl_hl_koth_bo5
  • rcon exec rgl_hl_5cp
  • rcon exec rgl_hl_stopwatch

Sixes (Alias)

  • rcon rgl-6s-standard-h1
  • rcon rgl-6s-standard-h2
  • rcon rgl-6s-koth
  • rcon rgl-6s-koth-bo5
  • rcon rgl-6s-koth-scrim
  • rcon rgl-6s-golden
  • rcon rgl-6s-scrim

No Restriction Sixes (Alias)

  • rcon rgl-n6s-standard-h1
  • rcon rgl-n6s-standard-h2
  • rcon rgl-n6s-koth
  • rcon rgl-n6s-koth-bo5
  • rcon rgl-n6s-koth-scrim
  • rcon rgl-n6s-golden
  • rcon rgl-n6s-scrim

Prolander (Alias)

  • rcon rgl-7s-koth
  • rcon rgl-7s-koth-bo5
  • rcon rgl-7s-standard
  • rcon rgl-7s-stopwatch

Highlander (Alias)

  • rcon rgl-hl-koth
  • rcon rgl-hl-koth-bo5
  • rcon rgl-hl-standard
  • rcon rgl-hl-stopwatch


Bball (Manual)

  • rcon exec etf2l_bball

Ultiduo (Manual)

  • rcon exec etf2l_ultiduo

Sixes (Manual)

  • rcon exec etf2l_6v6_5cp
  • rcon exec etf2l_6v6_standard
  • rcon exec etf2l_6v6_koth
  • rcon exec etf2l_6v6_stopwatch
  • rcon exec etf2l_6v6_golden
  • rcon exec etf2l_6v6_ctf
  • rcon exec etf2l_golden_cap

Highlander (Manual)

  • rcon exec etf2l_9v9_5cp
  • rcon exec etf2l_9v9_standard
  • rcon exec etf2l_9v9_koth
  • rcon exec etf2l_9v9_stopwatch
  • rcon exec etf2l_9v9_golden
  • rcon exec etf2l_9v9_ctf

Bball (Alias)

  • rcon etf2l-bball

Ultiduo (Alias)

  • rcon etf2l-ultiduo

Sixes (Alias)

  • rcon etf2l-6s-standard
  • rcon etf2l-6s-koth
  • rcon etf2l-6s-stopwatch
  • rcon etf2l-6s-golden
  • rcon etf2l-6s-ctf

Highlander (Alias)

  • rcon etf2l-hl-standard
  • rcon etf2l-hl-koth
  • rcon etf2l-hl-stopwatch
  • rcon etf2l-hl-golden
  • rcon etf2l-hl-ctf

ozfortress (OZF)

Ultiduo (Alias)

  • rcon ozf-ud-ultiduo

Sixes (Alias)

  • rcon ozf-6s-standard
  • rcon ozf-6s-scrim
  • rcon ozf-6s-koth
  • rcon ozf-6s-golden

Respawn League (RSL)

Bball (Alias)

  • rcon rsl-bball

Fours (Alias)

  • rcon rsl-4s-koth
  • rcon rsl-4s-standard

Highlander (Alias)

  • rcon rsl-hl-koth
  • rcon rsl-hl-standard
  • rcon rsl-hl-golden
  • rcon rsl-hl-stopwatch

United gaming Clans (UGC)

Ultiduo (Alias)

  • rcon ugc-ultiduo

Fours (Alias)

  • rcon ugc-4s-golden
  • rcon ugc-4s-koth
  • rcon ugc-4s-koth-ot
  • rcon ugc-4s-standard
  • rcon ugc-4s-standard-ot
  • rcon ugc-4s-stopwatch

Sixes (Alias)

  • rcon ugc-6s-golden
  • rcon ugc-6s-koth
  • rcon ugc-6s-koth-ot
  • rcon ugc-6s-standard
  • rcon ugc-6s-standard-ot
  • rcon ugc-6s-stopwatch

Highlander (Alias)

  • rcon ugc-hl-ctf
  • rcon ugc-hl-koth
  • rcon ugc-hl-koth-ot
  • rcon ugc-hl-standard
  • rcon ugc-hl-standard-ot
  • rcon ugc-hl-stopwatch


Sixes (Alias)

  • rcon fbtf-6s-koth
  • rcon fbtf-6s-standard
  • rcon fbtf-6s-golden

Highlander (Alias)

  • rcon fbtf-hl-koth
  • rcon fbtf-hl-standard
  • rcon fbtf-hl-golden
  • rcon fbtf-hl-stopwatch
  • rcon fbtf-hl-ctf


Sixes (Alias)

  • rcon atf2l-6s-koth
  • rcon atf2l-6s-standard

Highlander (Alias)

  • rcon atf2l-hl-koth
  • rcon atf2l-hl-koth-playoffs
  • rcon atf2l-hl-standard
  • rcon atf2l-hl-stopwatch

AsiaFortress (AFC)

Sixes (Alias)

  • rcon afc-6s-koth
  • rcon afc-6s-standard
  • rcon afc-6s-golden
  • rcon afc-6s-scrim


Sixes (Alias)

  • rcon pure-6s-koth
  • rcon pure-6s-standard
  • rcon pure-6s-golden
  • rcon pure-6s-scrim
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